Hi, if you are reading this page that means you are interested in my products, right? If you love them or wish them to be supported in the future, just buy me a Starbucks or a fastfood meal >:d< to encourage my products.

Please feel free to note which product you are using or you want to donate for, so that I can put your name here along with the products :)

Thanks in advance and hope you will love my products for a long long time :D


2 thoughts on “Donation

  1. Hello CA RO,

    I’m a big fan of your plugin, but it seems to be broken when used along with the Role Manager Plugin. When I assign a user a role I created with RoleManager, username changer does not appear to users in that role, even though the numeric role-level is higher than the minimum set for allowing a user to change their username.

    For example, I have mine set to allow a minimum of “subscriber” to change their username, but users with a role called “student authors” which have a level 3 do not get the “change username” link displayed.

    I’ll be your beta-tester if you would look into it, and I promise I’ll buy you a starbucks (or two!) if you fix it!

    Thank you,
    Markus Wells

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